About Us


That’s where "Alexbrown.in" journey began from.

We, 2 friends, both unknowns originally (out of the box) wanted to do something that keeps us connected to our roots throughout our life journey’s and that’s when we thought to take versatility of India on National and International Level. We wanted to be connected with our roots and reach people’s heart through our shoes.

Our aim is to raise the ethnic standard globally and help out not just ourselves but our artisans raise their living standards through their artistic charisma. Ethnic footwears have been very popular among the society and hence we chose this category to kick off.

"Footwear is which could leave a mark"

It is indeed a challenge to sell and ethnic product in the market growing towards westernization but we are happy to tell you that our work is being very much fascinated in India as well as globally.

And yes we are proud to tell you that 25 percent of every product purchased with Alexbrown.in is gifted to our artisans as an increment.

Now you could also help while you shop. That's done from us for now. Grab your perfect match and help raise people.

P.S - Curious by birth, drag down and get introduced with us.